South County- A Place Full of Greenways, Watersheds, and Family Lands

What is a Greenway?

A greenway, to put it simply, is a large area that is largely undeveloped. It has a more rural character. It is full of scenic views and road from large tracts of trees, teeming with wildlife. Often - in fact always - it is importantly tied to a watershed. We think greenways are wonderful places, and would like to keep them just the way they are - which is why were working with landowners to put conservation easements on their land - ones that they are happy with and that keep the rural and natural character the area is known for.


Our Initiative

SRLT is launching a campaign to protect 500 environmentally significant acres in southern Anne Arundel County (South County). We consider this any place in the county below the South River. South County remains incredibly rich in resources. Crowned by the 2,800-acre Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to the north, the 3-mile-long Rhode River and 6-mile-long West River are natural treasures and boating playgrounds. Development pressure is high, but community support for maintaining the area’s rural character and protecting the Chesapeake Bay remains strong. In South County, SRLT easements protect 13 properties, totaling 1,170 acres. Ample opportunity still exists to expand the protected acreage before it is overtaken by developement growth.

Read more in SRLT's core funding proposal "Protecting the Watersheds of the West and Rhode Rivers By Helping Landowners Maintain South County’s Rural Character" (9/19/13).

SRLT has found the West/Rhode Riverkeeper organization to be a great source of information about the watershed.  See