Steps to an Easement

To begin researching whether an easement is right for you, there is nothing more helpful than a brief chat with our professional staff as they join you for a walk on your property or sit at your kitchen table.  Every family situation and every easement is a little bit different and there is flexibility to customize an agreement that is right for you.  Once staff knows your specific questions, a wide range of information can be made available.

Once initial conversations our complete, and with the landowner’s permission, staff begins a process that has been approved by our board to move toward a successful easement completion.

As an overview, values SRLT looks to conserve are: 

  • High functioning natural habitat, ecosystems or natural features
  • Endangered, threatened or conservation priority species
  • Wetlands, floodplains, steep slopes, bogs or other lands significantly important for the protection of water quality
  • Ecosystems of educational or scientific value
  • Open space that contributes to the scenic enjoyment of the public when viewed from a public road or navigable waterway and provides a significant public benefit
  • Open space that is in furtherance of a local, state, or federal conservation policy and provides a significant public benefit
  • Connected to other open space lands important for movement of wildlife between habitats or through developed corridors
  • In active agricultural or forestry use


For more infomation, look at SRLT Conservation Easement Criteria