Call for Nominations for:
The Jan Hollmann Environmental Education Award

The Jan Hollmann Environmental Education Award is given out each year to the person who epitomizes environmental education in Anne Arundel County. The Award was given last year, 2015, to Hilary Thompson (Old Mill Middle School North) and her husband, Ben Thompson (George Fox Middle School), the first joint awardees in the history of the Award.

Carlo Martini R. Echiverri, AP Environmental Science Teacher, South River High School, was given the Award in 2014 for his excellence in teaching. Past awardees include educators such as Suzanne Kilby Etgen (Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center - 2011), scientists (Sally G. Horner, Ph.D., 2003), environmental activists (William ‘Billie’ Moulden, 1999), and those serving in government (Senator Gerald Winegrad, 1995).

The award this year will be given on

September 29, 2016
Beginning at 6:30 pm
At Arlington Echo.

The Award is named after Jan Hollmann, an environmental activist who died in 1990 at the age of 44. Jan created one of the first land trust in Maryland (the Severn River Land Trust, which subsequently became the Scenic Rivers Land Trust). She also came up with the idea for the critical area law enacted by the state legislature in 1984. The Award Committee is looking for nominations for those people who exemplify the commitment to environmental education shown by Jan Hollmann.

The nomination form can be found here.

Please contact Pierre Henkart at
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Thank you very much for your help with this and the Committee wishes you all a happy and safe spring and summer.