What We Do

Scenic Rivers Land Trust (SRLT) works within the Severn, South, Patuxent, Rhode and West River watersheds. SRLT works with landowners to create small private conservation easements as well as conservation easements on large parcels. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently protects property through the easement deed. The owner and land trust work together to determine the amount and type of development that can take place in the future within the conservation easement deed. 

Protecting open space within the targeted watersheds is not an easy task. Our proximity to DC and Baltimore makes this area especially vulnerable to development pressures. While SRLT does not oppose appropriate growth, we urge balance. Every new development, whether residential, civic, or commercial, creates stress on our already fragile environment. Even small parcels are important to preserving the quality of our environment. Shoreline, woodlands, farmland, slopes and ravines, beaches and ponds are all key natural resources suitable for protection through an easement. Conservation easements are the most cost effective way to protect private property rights and preserve land.

The Scenic Rivers Land Trust provides:

• Stewardship for the perpetual care and management of land preservation agreements
• Speaker services for community and educational groups
• Educational activities for landowners and community groups
• Special topic seminars for professional groups
• Hikes, boat trips and other nature activities for everyone
• GEMS, the newsletter of the Scenic Rivers Land Trust
• A public educational web site, www.SRLT.org